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Fishing Store In Orange County

GreenRoom OC Has The Biggest Fishing Equipment Store In Orange County

GreenRoom OC is your ultimate destination for all things fishing in Orange County!

Whether you’re a saltwater enthusiast seeking the thrill of the open ocean or a freshwater angler looking to conquer serene lakes and rivers, we’ve got you covered.

From top-notch accessories and apparel to an extensive selection of tackle and gear, GreenRoom OC is your one-stop shop for all your fishing needs.

We proudly stock a wide range of renowned brands, ensuring that you have access to the best fishing rods, reels, and equipment on the market.

But that’s not all – our service shop is equipped with state-of-the-art line spooling machines to expertly outfit your reels with Mono, Fluorocarbon, or Braided Line, so you can cast with confidence every time.

Join us at GreenRoom OC and elevate your fishing experience to new heights!


All types of fishing equipments available

Top Quality Fishing Equipment & Gears On A Discount Sale

Discover the power and precision of DAWA, the innovation and reliability of Shimano, the heritage and craftsmanship of Penn, and the performance-driven design of Phenix, among others.

Our shelves are lined with top-notch equipment that caters to every angler’s aspiration.

Whether you’re chasing trophy marlins offshore or seeking the tranquility of freshwater casts, our curated selection of rods, reels, tackle, and accessories will elevate your fishing endeavors

Ready to catch? We can line up any reel, check out our large variety spools of line!

Rods – Reels – Equipment – Apparel – Mono / Fluorocarbon / Braided Line – Tackle!

Brands We Carry..

Keitech Baits ● Z-Man Fishing Products ● Phenix Jigs ● One Cool Tuna ● Cool Baits ● Big Hammer Swimbaits ● Owner Hooks ● Gamakatsu Freshwater & Saltwater Fishing Hook ● Seaguar Salt & Freshwater Lines ● JRI Custom Lures & Jigs ● Gary Yamamoto Baits ● Roboworm Soft Plastics ● Hook-up Baits ● XTRATUF Fishing Boots ● Tady Lures ● Izorline Fishing Line ● UNDER ARMOUR Fishing Shoes