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Despite the hundreds of prescription drugs which are approved for obesity-related illnesses like high cholesterol and diabetes, there are very few drugs approved by the FDA for treating obesity. Because the FDA has a history of disapproving weight-loss drugs, it isn’t surprising that few pharmaceutical companies are investing their resources in making a safe, effective diet pill which will work for the 2/3 of Americans who are obese or overweight. People struggling with weight may have some hope though. There is a new drug called Qnexa which is in the works.

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Qnexa is the newest prescription weight-loss drug but its active ingredients are hardly new. It contains the famous weight-loss drug Phentermine, which suppresses appetite and increases fat burning, and also the drug topiramate, an anti-seizure medicine which has shown to have weight loss benefits. Phentermine is very effective as a weight loss drug by itself but, when combined with topiramate, the drugs make a synergy. “Synergy” in the medical world refers to when two or more products increase the strengths of each other but without increasing side effects.

The synergy of Phentermine and topiramate is great news for anyone who wants to lose weight or is already using Phentermine. Because of the synergistic effects, a lower dosage of each drug can be used yet still get better benefits than a standard full dosage of each drug used by itself. The full-strength dosage of Qnexa is 15mg of Phentermine and 92mg of topiramate. The standard dosage of Phentermine in brands like Adipex is 37.5mg, more than twice the amount. Qnexa can get all of the benefits of Adipex but, since the dosage is lower, patients don’t have to worry about as many side effects.

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So, you may be wondering where you can get Qnexa. Unfortunately for millions of people around the world, Qnexa isn’t likely to become available for several more years. The company which makes it, Vivus from California, first had to struggle just to get the “new drug application” for Qnexa. Then, they had their product rejected by the FDA. Now, the FDA is requesting that Qnexa perform multiple more studies into the drug’s safety before they will grant its approval. So far, the research has been overwhelmingly positive and Qnexa users have had a drop in body fat, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

Qnexa isn’t the only drug that the FDA rejected that same week. The prescription weight loss drug lorcaserin also got shot down. Advocates for obesity treatments point out the FDA’s seeming bias against weight loss drugs – and that the obese patients need to start doing something about it. In history, patients with other conditions like AIDS or cancer effectively lobbied the FDA to get their drugs approved swiftly. But, obese patients haven’t organized any effort to get the FDA into action. Until this happens, people struggling with obesity will still be able to get Phentermine from online pharmacies.


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